Doctor Deborah Lieuw – A-Len

“All it takes to make my day is satisfied costumers leaving with smiles on their faces”

– Doctor Deborah Lieuw-A-Len

Deborah Lieuw-A-Len studied medicine at two University Medical Schools: Leiden and Groningen (both in the Netherlands), and after graduating she built experience. As an intern she worked in the departments of Gynaecology, Family Medicine, and Psychiatry. She than decided to specialize in medical cosmetics, a discipline allowing her to combine her skills and her knowledge of aesthetics.

In 2013 she joined the FACE Land medical team, and mainly performs facial rejuvenation treatments, using Botox® and dermal fillers. She also works for Injectable Klinieken (locations Rotterdam and Amsterdam).

I think the purpose of any treatment should be make my customers look more beautiful, really radiant and refreshed and to use subtle means so their face reflects the way they feel. This makes them really feel much better.

I always try to look at the whole face, and to not just treat that particular wrinkle or line they worry about. And of cause, I take the time to explain this to the customer and at the same time listen to my customer’s wishes and worries, for these are always the basis of a realistic treatment plan.

Dutch General Medical Council reference number: 69058832801