Doctor Jozijna van der Meij

“I find it great to show people how I can preserve and even improve the natural beauty of their skin. That is, I think, the essence of what I do.”

– Doctor Jozijna van der Meij –

Ever since she was a girl, doctor Jozijna van der Meij (1981) was fascinated by cosmetics. So it seemed only natural for her to specialize in cosmetic medicine after she graduated from medical school in 2009. She is now a candidate member of the Dutch Association for Cosmetic Surgery (NVCG). She specializes in non-surgical wrinkle treatments with Botox ®, dermal fillers and peelings. If ever you consider lip enchantment or the non-surgical correction of deep nasolabial folds she will be glad to help you.

During her years in medical school she took a vast interest in plastic surgery, and worked as an Intensive Care doctor at the Velo General Hospital and as a general physician in Tilburg (both in the Netherlands). There are three things that attract her in her job: the precision it requires, the immediate results and the opportunity to treat her costumers right away.

Like all of her well-trained and experienced colleagues at Injectable Klinieken, she regularly attends conventions, workshops and seminars to keep up with the latest insights and developments. But she also enjoys the finer things of life, like her hobbies horse-riding, shopping and skiing.

Her motto: “Beautiful and natural, and naturally more beautiful”

Dutch General Medical Council reference number 69911819701